Wipe your tears, beloved. 

I know you sorrow. 

And desire a reprieve. 

“I need a break to catch a breath. 

From the troubles of life, I need a break,” you cry.


Wipe your tears, beloved. 

You’re more than your pain.

Much more than what causes you sorrow.

You’re a child of the King.


Wipe your tears, beloved. 

You’ll walk the streets of gold.

There, all aches will be gone.

Yes, you’ll know no sorrow!

It’s His promise so feel secure.


For now, take comfort to know.

That many afflicts the righteous 

But the Lord delivers him from all.

He keeps all his bones, none is broken.

So, wipe your tears, beloved!

Written by Jennifer Azubuike (2023)

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