(mainly adapted from 2 Samuel 6:1-23)

Written by Jennifer Azubuike

Finally they remembered me. My children remembered to take me home.

My name is Lord Almighty, who is enthroned between the Cherubim on the Ark.

My chosen servant, David, led as they came to move my tabernacle to rest. 

My children surrounded me. I love their company!

As we walked home, they sang me songs and I swayed to the melody.

Voices, lyres, harps, timbrels and cymbals. All in beautiful harmony.

I swayed to the right when a note hit a beautiful pitch and swayed again to the left.

Maybe I swayed a little too far for someone thought I was falling and touched me.

At that moment, my anger burned. “Who dared disrupt my bliss?”

Someone not chosen has touched me. Alas! Uzzah the son of Abinadab.

I was wrath and chastised him but man is too fragile for he fell asleep.

His brethren panicked and fled. My children again deserted me.

“Come children, I am no monster but a loving Father. I only meant to say I choose who touches me.” But it was too late for they all misunderstood.

In a quiet corner of Obededom’s house, I sat and reflected on my action.

I am Holy and glorious but also gracious. I want my sons to trust my love for them.

Therefore, I promised I will do better and always remember how fragile my children are.  

To start, I kissed the household of Obededom with my goodness. Therefore, he prospered.

And as if my children heard of my repentance, they rushed to embrace me home again.

You see, my children also learned something. Yes, they learned I dislike desecration.

Therefore they behaved themselves prudently this time. 

When I saw their determination to please me, I fell in love with them over again.

I watched my servants rejoice before me. David my beloved danced to my content. 

He is a son after my own heart.

This time, I behaved myself too because I love my own.

I said to myself, In anger I will remember moderation. 

And I kept my word until the daughter of Saul touched me.

When she held my beloved in contempt, she touched my chosen and therefore touched me. 

I will burn no more in anger, I had promised for I may scare my beloveds away again. 

So I turned my face away. Yes, my favor away from Michal.

Have you not learned, you daughter of Israel?

Have you been raised in a Palace in Israel and yet have no knowledge?

Have you had many teachers and finest provisions for nought?

Know you not that it hurts me to see you miss out on my blessings?

Ah! Indeed, my people perish for lack of knowledge. 

There is no gain to me when my people suffer. Please study to show yourself approved. 

Come, this once and I will teach you this.

My child, if I have chosen your spouse for my service, honor them like you would honor me so that it will be well with you. For he that honors my chosen, honors me.

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13 thoughts on “WHOM I HAVE CHOSEN”

  1. Hi Jenny, this is indeed inspiring. Yeah, we must learn to understand the ways of the Almighty so that his blessings are continually showered on us.

  2. Such finesse.. Only the Spirit can breathe this out!!
    You make the word so interesting to read. I wouldn’t mind studying the word this way.. Well-done😊




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