Written by Jennifer Azubuike.

Sometime ago, I was working a kind of job where I made deliveries to people based on their request. One particular day, I travelled to a home to make a delivery. When I got to the house, I decided not to turn off my car engine or properly park because I had the intention of making the delivery very snappy. Thus, I put the car in ‘park’ and dashed out. Thankfully, the delivery was quick because the customer responded to her door as soon as I knocked. However, when I exited my car to make that delivery, I pushed down on my ‘all lock’ button on the car door out of habit and didn’t think anything of it until I returned to the car. It was then I realized I had locked myself out with the engine still running and my phone inside the car.

I quickly ran back to the house where I had just done the delivery to ask for help. Surely, they will help since I just did them a favor or so I thought. To my dismay, nobody answered the door regardless of the several loud knocks and ‘excuse me please.’ Instead, I felt somebody watching me from a window or something. Creepy right?

After standing there and calling for help to no avail, I had to leave. I went back to my car and stood beside it trying to think, but no good idea was coming forth and to make matters worse, neighbors of the woman I made delivery to were beginning to line up behind my car and honk. I didn’t park properly and the size of the car was huge, so there’s no getting around it. I started to explain and beg each one of them to turn around or wait.

As the pressure was mounting, I suddenly felt the need to pray. I shut out the noise and prayed quietly to God for help. Right away, I felt calmness flood my mind which gave me some kind of control over my emotions and also came with an inspiration to look further for help. So, I just started walking down the street randomly while asking the Holy Spirit to direct me who to ask. I had walked about two blocks when I found a man working on a house.

The moment I waved, he got up and walked towards me, inquisitive. I explained my situation to him and without hesitation he followed me to my car. The first thing he did was speak some words of encouragement; he’s been in that situation himself and understood how it felt. Without asking, he suggested what I needed to do. Additionally, he pulled out his cellphone and voluntarily dialed the cops then handed me the phone to explain the kind of help I needed. Finally, he stood there with me for a couple minutes while I waited for the cops to arrive. He later excused himself to return to his work but not before reassuring me that everything will be fine, and everything did turn out fine.

Here’s what I learned that day.

  • Help will not always arise from where you anticipate, and that is okay. If a person is not destined to play a certain role in your life, you will only feel frustrated expecting them to.
  • It helps, I mean, it really helps to be able to pray in ANY situation.
  • Jesus is a present help in times of trouble but it’s important to remember to ASK.

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  1. I’m so blessed by this. I can so relate,Many times I find myself needing help but fail to pray. Prayer is non negotiable and God is always ready to help.



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