The Secret Place

Written by Jennifer Azubuike —

A quick glance again at his wristwatch and Philip realized the time was already 7:45 PM. He has been waiting for over an hour. He had been rehearsing how to present his problems in one breath that he lost track of time.

“Where could Dad be? He has never been late to our meetings.” A cool chill ran down his spine making him shrug an ominous shiver. 

“Could he be angry that I canceled our last meeting? Or was it two? Wait, it was two, three, four…I can’t keep track! Oh no! How did I let that happen? Well,” He shrugged. “Shouldn’t he have understood I would not cancel without a good reason? I have been so busy at work that I ended most days exhausted.”

He glanced around the park. His father was still nowhere in sight, and it was getting darker and colder. Philip pulled his sweater together to keep out the cold, but the cool air persistently penetrated the sweater to grip his heart with such expounded loneliness that he felt like calling out for his father. 

Suddenly, in what seemed like a vision in a quick flash, He saw his father standing right there waiting for him to show up to no avail, not once or twice but so many times. Philip started to feel the weight of his selfishness. He had been ignorant on how his behavior must have affected his father. He doesn’t even remember notifying him of his meeting cancellations. 

“How did I get this callous? Only several years ago, I started meeting with dad because I was neck deep in trouble and needed help.” Philip soliloquized. “He did not shy away from me. He met with me regularly until my troubles were resolved. We built a wonderful relationship as a result. Our meetings might have mutually benefited us but me a greater deal. Yes, our fellowship provided him companionship but through them, I learned insights into business strategies that won me major contracts; I learned how to manage relationships and hitched my beautiful wife and so much more. So, why did I get careless?”

                                                                                                                *    *   *   *   *   * 


Dear child of God, the 91st chapter of Psalms says that “Whoever dwells in the secret place of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Do you know that every child of God ought to have a secret place? Which is a place where you meet to fellowship with God regularly? Our God values relationships, particularly, relationships with you and I, His children. His children are those who believe and call on Him.

A secret place with God is not something dark or sinister, far from it! Think of your closest friendship. Did you build that bond by just giving instructions and being a boss? Or do you make time to do something of mutual interest together or at least talk and listen to your friend? I think you do the latter and call it friendship! With God, it is called fellowship and your meeting time or place is called a secret place. It is ‘secret’ because it is just you and God.

Besides, the benefits of such fellowship to any person are a long list. Believe it or not, you can draw strength, know secrets, ask questions, report enemies, find rest etc. from fellowshipping with the all-knowing God. 

Do you know what else is true? The devil knows how beneficial this communion with God can be to you, so he will try to prevent it. Preventing it could be physical by keeping a person ignorant, busy, distracted, careless etc. or spiritual through sin and disobedience.

Jehovah, the Almighty, is holy and by nature cannot condone sin. Sin therefore can set up a barrier that can keep one away from their secret place just like it did to Adam and Eve, the first couple. However, anyone who confesses their sins to Jesus and stops the sinful behavior will be restored. To go another day without a secret place is like denying yourself of the benefits attached to your citizenship. Don’t be like Philip!


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