The People called Family

Is the place you are loved unconditionally.
Is the place of refuge.
Your love, at home, would have been tested and found true.
It is the place you find the people called family.
At home with family you get blunt truths (e.g. Hey go grab your toothbrush, your breath stinks!)
Sometimes they are your biggest cheerleaders (e.g. You can, I have seen you do it. It’s in you)
They watch your back without you having to ask.
At times, your family is your first and strongest line of defense, as humans.
They are those people to whom your titles (Dr. Engr. Esquire) sometimes make little sense; to them it is the ‘who you are’ not ‘what you are’ that matters.
While talking as an experienced adult, sometimes, they only see your lips move but don’t hear because they are not listening. Only ready to listen after the same information has been confirmed elsewhere…that is FAMILY
These are not meant to make you see reasons to be grateful for your family, it’s up to you.
I have heard and learned that friends come and go but family will likely stick around the rest of one’s life. So it’d best to make the best memories with them.

Jenn. A
Photo credit: Internet (EvergreenPsychotherapyCenter)

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