Written by Jennifer Azubuike  “You cannot build integrity on promiscuity, it is madness!” Muna disdainfully mimicked the words of his neighbor and hissed.  He pushed the center table aside and looked underneath but could not find the remote anywhere on the floor. He could have sworn he saw it on the table that morning.  How …

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Written by Jennifer Azubuike See the start of this story here The heavily wooded area has tall trees and climbing shrubs. The ground underneath was made of hardened mud giving the impression that either the river once occupied that area or overflows its boundaries occasionally during heavy rainstorms. A cool breeze rustled the leaves every …

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Written by Jennifer Azubuike To enjoy this story, start from episode 1 What do you think her problem is?” Prince asked, looking worried. “I mean she acts happy when I’m around but I know she’s not. I make sure she gets all she needs. What could be making her so unhappy? Or do you think …

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Written by Jennifer Azubuike In the living room of a large country house, two young women sat engrossed in a conversation. One of the women, Martha, simply radiates in beauty and is the younger of both women while the other woman, Jane, dressed in a dark blue jean jacket over a skinny leather pants and …

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Charles: That story is my favorite. Mike: Which one? Charles: The one of you and your babe Henry: Mike, you had a spat with your girl? Charles: Not exactly. Mike tell it please  Mike: Haha…well it happened two weeks ago. You know how busy it gets at the end of each quarter. I don’t know …

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