After death…


I was at a funeral a couple of weeks ago and for reasons best known to the family of the deceased, they had an open casket viewing. The deceased passed from complications of colon cancer. Not only was the casket open, but attendees did not have to walk up to the casket to see the body lying in state. Anyone could see it from wherever they were seated in the room.

I sat and just stared. It was a humbling sight. He was lying there looking peacefully asleep but no amount of noise in the room would awaken him. I knew he could hear nothing, not even the muffled cries of his beloved son. Absolutely nothing mattered to him anymore. That moment I plunge into deep thoughts; I thought deeply about man and death. The deceased was well known to me in his lifetime, so I was more moved to ponder the mortality of man. One more time, I came face to face with the fickleness of humanity which has since confronted me considering the coronavirus dilemma and the vast loss of life. 

Some questions I pondered upon were what is death? Of course, I know it is when the living stops breathing or having life but what does a man experience at death? Why does it cause so much hurt and sadness among the living? Why do the living fear death? And above all, is death truly the end of existence? 

I remember talking to a man several years ago and a question came up about faith. This elderly man looked me straight in the eyes and with all seriousness replied that he does not believe in anything therefore nothing can lay claim to his soul after death.  Most recently, I heard a young man say that when he dies, he has chosen to remain in his grave. While both speakers seem to acknowledge that existence does not end in death, they failed to consider the possibility of no longer having control over anything then, whether it is the choice of staying in the grave or ownership of the soul.

Well, for anyone who does not believe in something or in a being whose existence transcends this earth and time, I have a feeling that an uncertainty will hang over them continually. If you (the reader) do know something of this sought, however, I hope you believe in it strongly enough to provide you the confidence you need to navigate the passage rite of death which is a necessary end.

Personally, I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe He is powerful enough to take control of my soul after death and I also believe in His power so much that I will not wait for death to hand him control, so I did it now that I still have life and that has brought me PEACE. It is like insurance.

And if after death, it turns out that there is no need for a soul saving savior, I would not have lost anything because I enjoyed peace through my faith in a Savior. I invite you to do similarly and also find peace. Jesus is always accepting. His booking is never full, and he will not turn anyone away. 


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