Faith’s Check

Written by Jennifer Azubuike


“Faith! Where is Faith?” Ben called. 

“Faith? Who is Faith?” The librarian asked.

“The teenage girl in glasses and a yellow backpack. She just came up the stairs.”

“Oh! She walked to the fiction aisle to find a book. She should be around the corner.”

“Thank you!” Ben waved as he walked away. “Faith.” He called in a near whisper when he found her.

“Hey, What are you doing here?” Faith asked, surprised to see her father’s assistant.

“I have something for you.” He unlocked his plastic file and removed an envelope. “Your father asked me to give you this.” Faith collected it from him and opened it. She quickly read a note contained inside and her countenance changed. Ben, on noticing her sadness, collected the note. 


Dear Faith, I am so sorry I had to hurry away 

on short notice. I have included a check 

to buy the things you requested. I promise to go 

with you to the science fair when I return on Tuesday.

Love, Dad.


He glanced back at her confused. “What is wrong? Why are you looking sad?” 

“I asked him for money. He gave me a check.” She said with her head lowered.

“Isn’t a check as good as money? Let me see the check.” Ben collected the envelope and retrieved the check from inside. “Whoa! What exactly do you need this much to buy?”

“Doesn’t matter. I asked for money, not a check.”

“Okay, come let’s take a seat. There’s something I need to explain to you.” When seated, Ben asked, “Honey, what is your name?”

“Did you forget my name or do you have sudden amnesia?” Faith was still upset.

“Silly girl! Just answer the question.”

“Faith! My name is Faith.” She answered reluctantly.

“And what is the meaning of your name?”

“It is to have confidence in something according to my dictionary, but my dad said it is the evidence of something someone hopes for.”

“Excellent! Do you understand it? I mean your dad’s definition.”

“No. Why would I hope for something I already have? It makes no sense.”

“Great question! You hoped for money, but your dad gave you a check. When you take this check to the bank, because it is signed in your father’s name, the bank will exchange this piece of paper for the amount of money written on it.”

“What if it is declined?”

“Declined? Why would it be declined?”

“I don’t know?” She shrugged. 

“Do you know who your father is?” Ben looked at the girl, stunned. “Do you know your dad can purchase this town, including your favorite library? And I mean this building you like to visit.”  

Faith was quiet momentarily as she gazed at him thoughtfully. “That means this check is evidence of the money I hope for?”

“Yes, princess. It is the evidence you can present at the bank.”

“Wait! If this check is my evidence like you said, then am I a check? Is that why I am called Faith?”

Ben chuckled. “ You will have to ask your father. I am almost certain he has a good explanation”


 *                                                         *                                                          *

In the eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews, the new King James version defines faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” ‬ while the New International version words it as “[the] confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Whichever version helps for easier comprehension, I still like to describe faith as a check on which is written God’s promises that we can hold on to until we see the manifestation of what is promised. 

While the young girl in the story above can take her ‘check’ to the bank at any time, I understand that our check of promise (AKA faith) is cashed at the timing of God’s will. For instance, Abraham waited for 25 years but Manoah and his wife only had to wait for about nine months. Nonetheless, if God has promised it and you believe it, it will surely happen. Since the Almighty God is the account holder, your check will never bounce. 

Till next time, stay lifted!


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