Written by Jennifer Azubuike  “You cannot build integrity on promiscuity, it is madness!” Muna disdainfully mimicked the words of his neighbor and hissed.  He pushed the center table aside and looked underneath but could not find the remote anywhere on the floor. He could have sworn he saw it on the table that morning.  How …

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Charles: That story is my favorite. Mike: Which one? Charles: The one of you and your babe Henry: Mike, you had a spat with your girl? Charles: Not exactly. Mike tell it please  Mike: Haha…well it happened two weeks ago. You know how busy it gets at the end of each quarter. I don’t know …

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On the 8th floor of St Luke’s hospital, a group of students and an adult are seen making their way down a wide hallway that is lined by patient rooms on one side and nursing stations, storage and rest rooms on the other side. John, the adult among the group, turned around, and smiled at …

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